Thursday, October 1, 2009

Budget Friendly Glass Cylinder Vases for Reception

As you will get to know... I am ALL about being budget friendly, since I am an artist, I also don't believe in spending a fortune, when I know there are so many great bargains out there. Through months of researching, I found that the only TALL vases you can get for under $5 bucks are those eiffle tower vases. Well, Through ebay I found a vendor who had great deals on vases, but since they were wholesale, I would be buying so many vases I wouldnt know what to do with them. Then Through their ebay site, they had a website, which I emailed the company found out the prices on a few vases, and Found these AWESOME 12 inch TALL cylinder vases #11830, for only $3 per vase for 24 vases! This is an AMAZING price.

Thanks to HJK Imports

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