Thursday, October 1, 2009

Branch Themed Wedding Decorations or Centerpieces

Branches are a beautiful Decoration for a Fall or Winter Wedding, They are beautiful, modern, yet, natural, and just Gorgeous.

A few tips for buying:
If you are going to Buy your branches already decorated, wait until Christmas time at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann Fabrics, They always go on sale. Right now, Regular branches are $7.99 for a small 5 branch bundle. In the winter they are usual 40% to 50% off. And always remember to bring your coupons, Either sign up for Joann's mailing list, they send a 40% off coupon every month, or Hobby Lobby always has a weekly 40% off coupon.

A few tips for making:
If you are going to Make your own, or want a very inexpensive way to buy branches. This is the best website I have found for my wedding, (and everyday craft needs) Save On Crafts. They have branches of all sizes and colors, and shapes for wholesale prices.

I bought the bundles of 25 branches for $12.99 each, and painted them black, for my own wedding, added a few clear beads, and made them for a lot less then you would buy at the store. Plus they were exactly what I wanted, without compromising, any of my ideas. (They give you tips on how to make them too!

I will be posting a tuturial on my handmade wedding branch centerpieces soon!


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