Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crafty Table Number Ideas

I love how Unique Table numbers are getting!

For my own wedding I had 1/8 plywood frames cut in a design I made up, and put foam core stand backs on them. It was a lot of work, but did look beautiful! Frames cut by Lindahl Laserworks on Ebay

Other ideas I have seen that are awesome, are Table Card tents, these are just cardstock folded over in a tent position. You can put any design on it you want! I love this.

Buy the plain card tents at Joann's or anywhere you can get cardstock

or buy them already made from shops like : Dear Emma Stationary on Etsy

I also love these Vellum candle wraps! what a great idea!

You can buy Printable Ink jet Vellum at Joann Fabrics, or online here. Print out your design, tape together on the inside, and place over a tea light!

Or you can buy them already made from shops like : Illuminate on Etsy

Gifts for Guests and Table decorations

I wanted a lot of candles on the tables, but also didn't want to give the guests something corny, so I made personalized candles and matches that each guest could take home at the end of the night. So the table was beautifully lit with candles but also, at the end of the night I wasn't stuck with 200 extra candles to clean up!

What you need:
- Small Votive Candles - Hobby Lobby has packs for $5 bucks, Or Joann Fabrics, Michaels, etc.
- Sticker paper - this was a tricky part but worth it
- Plain matches, or buy personalized cheap matchbooks from when they are on sale!

• Make a design, or have someone design the stickers
• Cut, and stick onto candles carefully
• flatten out bubbles
• use exacto knife to cut of ends and straighten sticker
• Keep boxes candles came in, to re-store them

Branch Wedding Centerpieces

These are my branch Centerpieces! Please view the posts below where to buy the Cylinder vases, and the branches. I made my own Paper flowers and attached them to the branches also to add a little color.

To store, put celophane around each bunch, because the sticks like to get tangled up