Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crafty Table Number Ideas

I love how Unique Table numbers are getting!

For my own wedding I had 1/8 plywood frames cut in a design I made up, and put foam core stand backs on them. It was a lot of work, but did look beautiful! Frames cut by Lindahl Laserworks on Ebay

Other ideas I have seen that are awesome, are Table Card tents, these are just cardstock folded over in a tent position. You can put any design on it you want! I love this.

Buy the plain card tents at Joann's or anywhere you can get cardstock

or buy them already made from shops like : Dear Emma Stationary on Etsy

I also love these Vellum candle wraps! what a great idea!

You can buy Printable Ink jet Vellum at Joann Fabrics, or online here. Print out your design, tape together on the inside, and place over a tea light!

Or you can buy them already made from shops like : Illuminate on Etsy


  1. For the plywood frames table stand, how did you print the numbers on?

  2. I printed the numbers on a piece of paper and adhered to the back