Thursday, October 15, 2009

Unique and FUN - Save the Date Magnets

Other possible pictures to use:

My Fiance and I are modern yet traditional, and artsy, so we thought since the invitation is going to be more formal, lets get fun with our save the dates! We scoped out areas of our neighborhood which had great backgrounds for our save the dates, brought a tripod and our camera, put the camera on self-time, and took a bunch of fun photos of ourselves! We ended up trying to jump in one of the pictures, and loved it, so took the idea and ran. But you can pick all sorts of fun places.

What is special to you and your fiance? Is it that funky blue door down the street. Go take a picture in front of it! Or that coffee shop?

Its a fun way to express yourselves, in a less formal way!

Things you will need:
• Magnet Inkjet PHOTO paper (searched on ebay)
• Paper cutter
• You and Fiance
• Sunny or nice weather day
• tripod and camera
• inkjet photo printer is best
• computer with program to put text on picture (like photoshop)
• TIME - take your time, and take TONS of pictures so you have a lot of options

Took the pictures but don't know how to design it? ask your graphic design friends, or someone on etsy, or someone like me! my website

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